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PDF is included, it include how I use the tools and what settings I use for certain symbols like Ethereum,Bitcoin, Tesla ,Apple and more..

Advanced Divergence Indicator

Powerful divergence indicator detecting critical signals like bullish, bearish, strong bullish, and strong bearish divergences across key indicators like RSI, OBV, MACD, Accumulation/Distribution, and MFI.

Powerful Scalping Strategy

Advanced scalping strategy that effortlessly navigate volatile markets, capitalize on rapid price movements, and secure quick profits. Experience consistent gains in short trading intervals, all while eliminating guesswork with precision signals.

Scalping Strategy Performance

Advanced Breakout Strategy

Innovative breakout strategy goes beyond the basics and dives into essential aspects like volume analysis, volatility assessment, precise risk management, and a deep understanding of historical data. This strategy is skillfully crafted to deliver consistent profits with an outstanding win-rate and profit ratio.

Breakout Strategy performance

Advanced Trend Indicator

Cutting-edge trend indicator that goes beyond the ordinary, capturing essential market movements like bullish and bearish trends with precision. With a user-friendly interface and a unique monitor feature, you can effortlessly track trends across 20 selected symbols simultaneously. Stay ahead of the market curve and make well-informed trading decisions with ease.

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